Prevention for sexual health

Education about HIV, sexually transmitted infections and protection options are focal points of Youthwork in Gelsenkirchen, but not the only topics: Sexual education workshops deal with all questions about sexuality and partnerships that concern young people and are usually not asked or discussed in regular school lessons.

The workshops are aimed at students from the 6th grade onwards. They are prepared individually with the responsible teacher and usually take place on the school premises. Thanks to the close cooperation with the girls’ center in Gelsenkirchen, we can implement gender-specific events in parallel or carry out events or projects lasting several days.

In addition to educational events in school classes, youth facilities and clubs, Youthwork in Gelsenkirchen contributes to HIV prevention in the general population by participating in public events. Youthwork can also be reached outside of events and projects for young people, young adults, parents, teachers or youth welfare workers for advice and specialist counseling.


YOUTHWORK in Gelsenkirchen
Sexualpäd. HIV- & STI-Prävention
Wildenbruchstr. 13
45888 Gelsenkirchen

Tel. 0209 120 93 68
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For advice for specialists, institutions, independent organizations and municipalities, we refer to the offers of the NRW expert advice "gerne anders!".

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