We are grateful for any help. Many efforts have significantly improved the general conditions for homosexual, bisexual and pansexual, trans* and inter* people as well as people with HIV, AIDS and STIs in recent years and decades. However, they are still affected by exclusion, bullying and violence and are more susceptible to mental disorders, addictions or self-harm.
The state has (acknowledged) this and state agencies (state and local authorities) promote Lebenslust’s areas of work. The funding is not sufficient to cover the necessary costs. In particular, necessary individual case assistance cannot be covered by public funds.
In addition, we are obliged to generate our own share. In order to keep up our important work, we are forced to raise a significant five-digit amount every year. Every donation is important! Please support us and our clients.
The SVLS e. V. is recognized as a non-profit organization. Donations to us are tax deductible.



IBAN: DE21 3506 0386 8101 8802 00 – Volksbank Rhein Ruhr eG
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